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Random projects and posts - page 15

13 MAY 2012

Arduino Mains Voltage and Current Logging

As part of the solar hot water system (view other blog posts) we have been installing onto our home we wanted to be able to keep track of the mains electric being used by the house. Based on the open source OpenEnergyMontor...

13 MAY 2012

Solar Hot Water Install Dual Coil Cylinder

Next stage of the solar hot water install, fitting a new dual coil hot water cylinder. The new cylinder was 150mm taller and 70mm wider than the old hot water cylinder which was installed before which required all the...

03 MAY 2012

Arduino based Solar PV and Hot water monitoring and logging Part 2

Following on from my post Arduino based Solar PV and Hot water monitoring and logging we have designed and created the new PCB (printed circuit boards) for the MCP9801 temperature sensors and also a PCB to hold a mains relay...

02 MAY 2012

Solar Hot Water Install Stage One

Following on from my post about the Arduino based Solar PV and Hot water monitoring the solar hot water kit has arrived from Navitron. The photos below show the initial plumbing stages for installing the system. We are...

29 APRIL 2012

Arduino based Solar PV and Hot water monitoring and logging

We are upgrading our DIY PV off grid system with extra panels and also a solar hot water system using a kit from http://navitron.org.uk/ with a 20 tube 58mm double wall evacuated tube solar collector on the roof and a new...

18 MARCH 2012

Hotmail Server Blacklist update

Since my emails to and from Hotmail in the past 2 weeks regarding the block on my company's main email server, I have since found that it is being blocked by a DNSBL called ivmSIP/24 who seem to operate on a basis that if...

05 MARCH 2012

550 SC001 Errors with Windows Live Mail and Hotmail

After one of the people who we host a website for had a virus infection in December 2011 which resulted in several thousand emails being sent via our main mail server, we have had problems sending emails to hotmail.com and...

07 FEBRUARY 2012

BlackMagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture of Galaxy Nexus and iPad 2

BlackMagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture of Galaxy Nexus and iPad 2 While working on a new project we needed to be able to send video of the mobile apps under development to the clients online. This is to save us all having...

27 JANUARY 2012

iOS webView open a JavaScript link in Safari

After working on updates for our Virtual Swanage iOS app that uses a JavaScript based webview for information, I ran into a problem where by a JavaScript window.location event would only open up a page within an...

22 JANUARY 2012

Wiring Land Rover Defender Heated Seats

I found a pair of new and unused half leather TDCI/ PUMA Defender heated seats on ebay which I thought would be idea for the cold winter driving in my Defender. As I have a 1999 Defender it doesn't have any of the wiring...

18 JANUARY 2012

SOPA Blackout Day

As several mainstream websites have blacked out their pages in protest of the SOPA and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) legislation which the US Senate is trying to pass today, I thought I would get some screen shots of the pages while...

04 JANUARY 2012

Website Design the day job update

I thought I should post an update to the About Me page on the site which hasn't been updated for a few years. Still building websites for my main business (www.apexweb.co.uk) and out taking photos for stock and clients...

31 DECEMBER 2011

Android Market 101 error downloading apps

Since getting the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus I was not able to download apps to the phone via the Market app. Every time I would get an error -101 saying the app could not be downloaded. Also on the Android Market website...

21 DECEMBER 2011

Camera mount with finder scope fitting for HEQ5 PRO mount

After getting some good photos with the new telescope kit purchased in October, we thought it would be good to be able to make use of the tracking facilities of the HEQ5 PRO mount with the normal camera and wider lenses to...

09 DECEMBER 2011


moon, a photo by brian-dorey on Flickr. Close up shot of the moon taken using my 8 inch telescope and Canon 5D Mk 2 with 20mm lens on telescope

08 NOVEMBER 2011

Fitting a Redbooster Clutch Servo kit to an TD5 Landrover Defender

The clutch pedal on my Defender is very heavy and causes a lot of pain with my knee problems. After seeing several recommendations for a clutch servo kit online, I ordered a Redbooster kit from www.redbooster.com who are...

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