OBS Microscope Wi-Fi Remote Control

03 AUGUST 2021

Since adding the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera to our microscope we have been using OBS Studio to capture video from the microscope along with our Canon DSL via a Elgato Cam Link 4K for desktop recording. When using...

Collecting old photos of my hometown of Swanage

30 DECEMBER 2019

For the past few years I have been collecting vintage photographs, slides and postcards of my hometown of Swanage which is on the South Coast of England. My interest in historic photos started with our tourism website,...

New Brunel BMSZ trinocular stereomicroscope


After trying to repair the Oculus Rift cable earlier this month we decided it was time to replace our old stereo microscope with a new trinocular stereo microscope so we can take better photos of the things we are working...

Knowlton Chruch Night Photography Trip

22 NOVEMBER 2016

After a busy day building Raspberry Pi boards, we took a drive tonight to Knowlton Church and earth works to try to get some night time photos with the stars behind the Norman church. Knowlton Church was built in the 12th...

Lyme Regis Sunset Photography trip

02 NOVEMBER 2016

Went for a drive this afternoon down to Axmister Tools to pick up a few new tools for the workshop and stopped off at Lyme Regis on the way back to try to get some photos of the sunset from the cob and harbour wall. Larger...

Trip to Sturminster Mill in Dorset

28 OCTOBER 2016

Since picking up the new Ford Focus last week I can now drive again thanks to its Powershift six speed transmission and this afternoon after a couple of meetings with customers, I went for a drive up to Sturminster Mill...

Camera Carry Grip Handle

29 AUGUST 2016

Last week I decided to upgrade my old Canon 5D Mk1 to a new camera as I wanted a higher resolution and better autofocus system for wildlife and landscapes. I had been waiting for the new Canon 5D Mk IV which was officially...

July Storms and Flooding

07 JULY 2015

Lightning over Poole from the Studland road viewpoint The full size image of the photo above is on my Flickr pages. On the 3rd July we had a huge thunderstorm and rain storm in the evening which resulted in over...

LEE Bug Filters and GoPro Hero

31 AUGUST 2014

Since buying the GoPro Hero 3+ a few months ago we have found that the video suffers with washed out skies when it is sunny and poor contrast. We use Lee filters on our other cameras and we found that Lee had released...

Canon Camera Wireless Remote Control

23 DECEMBER 2013

When using our high level photography mast we have always used a series of USB expansion cables to make up a 20m long cable to remote control the camera and view the live video feed from the camera in real-time on an Android...


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