Random projects and posts

Welcome to my blog, here you will find my projects and other hobbies.
I make websites and manufacturer and sell expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi range of computers.

Latest Posts

Using an ESP32 WiFi module to create a ModBus to MQTT WiFi Bridge for a Solis 1.5kW Solar PV Inverter too log data with Home Assistant

Setting up the hardware and software for a AllStar Link Gateway using a Tait TM8110 which is a 25W PMR radio with a Raspberry Pi and USB sound card interface

Connecting our Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen to Home Assistant via 1-wire and an Arduino Uno to capture the 1-wire sensor data

Making a USB Programming Cable for Tait TM8000 series PMR Radios to use as Ham Radio repeaters

We got the new eddi V2.1 from myenergi with built in WiFi and ethernet to add to our home solar system and Home Assistant