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OBS Microscope Wi-Fi Remote Control

03 AUGUST 2021

Since adding the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera to our microscope we have been using OBS Studio to capture video from the microscope along with our Canon DSL via a Elgato Cam Link 4K for desktop recording. When using...

Home Data Logger Zigbee Sensor Upgrades

15 MAY 2021

It has been nine years since we installed our first Raspberry Pi solar data logger and we have been using the same 1-Wire DS18B20 temperature sensors to monitor the hot water system since. The data sent to our online logging...

Scam emails from a "certified photographer"

20 APRIL 2021

It appears that scammers have decided to try to scare people into clicking their links and downloading their malware or viruses by claiming to be “certified photographers” and saying that your website contains...

Apple iPad Air 2 vs Android Nexus tablet teardowns

06 MARCH 2021

In this blog post and video I am tearing down some old tablet computers which the batteries no longer hold a charge. I could take the machines to the local recycling centre intact, but they would just go into the general...

Workshop ESD Anti-Static upgrades

15 FEBRUARY 2021

On our workbench we had a small ESD mat to avoid any static discharge issues which could damage the electronics we work on. The mat only covered the central portion of the bench and the areas each side only had a painted...

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera on the Microscope

29 JANUARY 2021

In September 2019 we purchased a Brunel BMSZ trinocular stereomicroscope to use with our projects. We wanted to be able to take digital stills and record video using the microscope and at the time we purchase the DSLR...

ESP8266 Wifi RGB LED Controller

18 JANUARY 2021

This project is a Wi-Fi controlled RGB led controller using a ESP8266 Wi-Fi module connected to a RGB LED strip of 300 WS2811 LEDS. The circuit was built on a small section of strip board but we plan to make a custom PCB...

New AMD Ryzen 9 3900X PC build in Fractal Design Meshify S2 case

14 JANUARY 2021

Time to build a new PC for the loft workshop with an all AMD build as we cannot locate any Nvidia Graphics cards anywhere and had to use a Radeon RX 580 GPU from one of our Linux machines. The new machine will allow us...

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen Smart Speaker Teardown

19 DECEMBER 2020

We previously torn down several Amazon Echo devices including the 3rd gen Dot, 3rd gen Dot with Clock, the Flex, and the Echo Input.  In this teardown we will look at the new Echo Dot 4th generation model which is...

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker with Clock Teardown

18 DECEMBER 2020

We have previously torn down several Amazon Echo devices including the 3rd gen Dot, the Flex and the Echo Input.  In this teardown we will look at the Echo Dot 3rd gen with a clock. Most of this Echo Dot is the same...

New Workshop Video Recording Setup

18 DECEMBER 2020

In a previous blog post we made a pair of LED panel lights for our workshop to use with photography and video recording. After recording a few videos, I found that the PWM dimmable power supplies I had purchased for the...

Workshop LED Light Panels

12 DECEMBER 2020

In the workshop we often take photos and create videos of projects we are working on. Having enough light has always been a problem due to space constraints in the small loft space and not having enough room to use our...

Sonos Door and Window Alerts from Home Assistant

01 NOVEMBER 2020

I the past I have used the open source smart home software called Home Assistant www.home-assistant.io on a Raspberry Pi to monitor our homes sensors which has information from our temperature sensors, electric and gas...

Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link Power Consumption Modification

25 OCTOBER 2020

Disclaimer, this project involves the modification of mains electric powered equipment and can cause electrocution, shock, death, fire if not done correctly. I take no responsibility if anyone follows these instructions...

Adding 10Gb Fibre to the home network

24 OCTOBER 2020

Using our main Windows desktop PC’s we often work from our Synology DiskStation NAS on video projects and using our 1Gb network we would copy the video assets and files to each desktop to edit before copying the completed...

Back Pain with Sciatica during Lockdown

17 OCTOBER 2020

As I cannot currently do any new projects or work in the loft workshop at the moment which require standing for very long, I thought I would write about what has been happening during the Covid 19 lockdown here in the UK...

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