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Welcome to my blog, here you will find my projects and other hobbies.
I make websites and manufacturer and sell expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi range of computers.

Latest Posts

Taking a look inside the latest Amazon Echo Dot 5 smart home speaker and Amazon Alexa device, now with a new larger speaker and temperature sensor

Using an ESP32 WiFi module to create a ModBus to MQTT WiFi Bridge for a Solis 1.5kW Solar PV Inverter too log data with Home Assistant

Setting up the hardware and software for a AllStar Link Gateway using a Tait TM8110 which is a 25W PMR radio with a Raspberry Pi and USB sound card interface

Connecting our Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen to Home Assistant via 1-wire and an Arduino Uno to capture the 1-wire sensor data

Making a USB Programming Cable for Tait TM8000 series PMR Radios to use as Ham Radio repeaters