Scam emails from a "certified photographer"

20 APRIL 2021

It appears that scammers have decided to try to scare people into clicking their links and downloading their malware or viruses by claiming to be “certified photographers” and saying that your website contains...

Adding 10Gb Fibre to the home network

24 OCTOBER 2020

Using our main Windows desktop PC’s we often work from our Synology DiskStation NAS on video projects and using our 1Gb network we would copy the video assets and files to each desktop to edit before copying the completed...

Back Pain with Sciatica during Lockdown

17 OCTOBER 2020

As I cannot currently do any new projects or work in the loft workshop at the moment which require standing for very long, I thought I would write about what has been happening during the Covid 19 lockdown here in the UK...

Record Vise No 1 and No 2 Restoration


Earlier this year I purchased a pair of Record bench engineers vises from a local house who resells gardening and other equipment and donate the proceeds to charity. I paid £20 for both. The vises are Record No 1...

When lightning strikes

17 MARCH 2020

Today whilst sorting through my old 35mm film negatives, I found some photos of the damage our home suffered when we had a direct lightning strike to the aerials on our roof in September 2004. On the night, we all went...

Developing a new product to sell

29 NOVEMBER 2019

Since launching our AB Electronics UK shop in 2012 we have expanded from our first Raspberry Pi analogue to digital converter to over 40 custom boards and accessories we sell online at This...

Trying to Save Power and Lower our Energy Bills

04 OCTOBER 2019

This is a very text heavy post but I thought I would share our efforts to save on our energy usage in our home. With the constantly rising costs of energy we have always tried to use as little electricity and gas as possible...

Workshop Tool Storage Rack

02 OCTOBER 2019

In our loft workshop we have many electrical hand tools and screwdrivers which we use often, and these have all been held on the wall using plastic pipe clips and magnetic tool holders. The magnetic tool holder did not...

Broadband problems with REIN interference

16 JULY 2019

Bit of a long-winded post but maybe interesting for anyone with broadband speed problems. Over the past year we have experienced increasing problems with our broadband connection either randomly cutting out and resetting,...

Ford sync 3 interference white noise from speakers

05 JULY 2019

My 2016 Ford Focus has an intermittent problem with the Sync 3 sound system. Sometimes when starting the car the sound system will emit a very loud static / white noise sound from the center speaker and turning the volume...

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