To be able to install custom songs and mods such as sabers and avatars to Beat Saber you need to install custom mods and patches to the game.

To mod the PC Steam version of Beat Saber, I recommend using BS Manager from which allows you manage BeatSaber versions, maps, mods and more with multiple installations alongside each other.

For PC Steam, the version which currently supports mods is 1.29.1 and on the Quest 2 and Quest 3 the current version is 1.28

I used these instructions on the 5th November 2023 on my Quest 3, but there may be newer ways to do this in the future. Mod your Quest 3 at your own risk.

To prevent your Quest from sleeping during the modding process, it is recommended to disable the proximity sensor of your quest in the SideQuest device settings or place tape over the sensor between the lenses.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • Meta Quest 3 Headset
  • Beat Saber purchased on your Meta account
  • USB C cable to connect your PC to your Quest 3

Setup Meta Developer Account

To mod your game, you first need to activate Developer Mode on your Quest.

You need to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on your Meta Account to be able to use a developer account.

Go to the Meta Developer Website and log in with the Meta account that your Quest is connected to.

On the Meta Developers website create a new Organization, this can be any name.

Open the Meta Quest Phone app and go to the Quest's settings, at Menu > Devices > Select your headset > Headset Settings > Developer Mode. You will find an option to enable Debug Mode.

Meta App
Meta App Home Screen, click Menu
Meta App 2
Menu Screen, click Devices
Meta App select device
Select Meta Quest 3 device
Meta App select headset settings
Headset Screen, select Headset Settings
Meta App select Developer Mode
Headset Settings, select Developer Mode
Meta App enable debug mode
Developer Settings, enable Debug mode

Install SideQuest

If you are using a PC with Windows, Mac or Linux you need to install SideQuest from and select the Advanced Installer option.

When you have downloaded SideQuest install the software and connect your Quest to your computer using a USB 3 cable.

Open SideQuest and press the “OPEN SETUP INSTRUCTIONS” button and follow the tutorial to connect your headset to SideQuest so you can install custom apps and install .apk files to your Quest.

You will be prompted to allow USB Debugging when first connecting your PC to your headset when using SideQuest.

Enable USB Debugging

Uninstall current version of Beat Saber

Before you can install the older release of Beat Saber you need to uninstall the current version. This can be done in SideQuest using the “Currently Installed Apps” button (Grid of 9 squares).

SideQuest Icons

This will show a list of currently installed apps. Click the Cog icon for Beat Saber and on the App Settings window, select “Uninstall App”

SideQuest Remove App

Downgrading Beat Saber on the Quest 3

You need to download the latest version of Beat Saber which supports mods, currently 1.28.0.

First log into your Meta account on and then in a new browser tab go to and click the “How to Downgrade” button at the top.

Scroll down on the Quest Modding page to “Step 3: Download & Install The APK” and press the button to open the download page with all of the downgraded versions of Beat Saber.

You will be prompted to download the file and save the Beat Saber apk file to your computer.

When the file has downloaded, open SideQuest and on the “Currently Installed Apps” page, drag your APK file to the area shown below with the red outline, which will transfer the file to your Quest 3 and install the game.

SideQuest App list

Warning ImageWithin your headset start Beat Saber and you maybe be shown a warning about modified game files or the game is out of date. Do not update the game.

Continue to the games initial setup and set your language and country. Once the game has loaded look at your feet and you should see the game version in your footprints on the ground.

Exit the game and return to your computer to patch the game and install mods and custom songs.

Modding the game using QuestPatcher

Currently the only way to mod Beat Saber on the Quest 3 is using QuestPatcher from

  1. Download the latest installer for your computers operating system and install the QuestPatcher software
  2. Open QuestPatcher and go to the “Tools and Options” tab
  3. Click “Quick Fix” then patch the game

When patching, ensure that QuestLoader is selected otherwise your mods will not load.

Now download the mods you wish to install from

You must install the Core Mods from the “Download all core mods” button at the top of the page.

I also downloaded BetterSongSearch and SongBrowser mods to manage custom songs.

On the “Mod Management” tab in QuestPatcher click the “Browse” button and select the OculusDB_CoreMods.qmod file you downloaded, this will install the core mods to the game.

Next install BetterSongSearch.qmod and SongBrowser.qmod mods.

Starting the modded game

Disconnect your Quest 3 from your computer and launch Beat Saber and if you are promoted to upgrade or have warnings about modified game files, ignore these and load the game using the Open App button. Sometimes this does not launch the game and you need to select the game again to launch the game.

You may be prompted to allow file access for the Beat Saber game. This confirmation sometimes vanishes very quickly so you may have to exit the game and restart to allow file access for loading custom songs.

When the game has loaded you should now have new buttons to your left for the installed mods.

Beat Saber installed mods

Installing Custom Songs

You can install custom songs in game using the BetterSongSearch mod or you can download the files from then extract each song into a folder and copy this to the Quest 3 using the SideQuest file manager.

Beat Saber Better Song Search

To install downloaded songs:

  1. Connect your headset to your computer open SideQuest
  2. Allow access within the headset for USB debugging
  3. Open the SideQuest file manager (folder icon)
  4. Select the following path
  5. Mod Data > com.beatgames.beatsaber > Mods > SongLoader > CustomLevels

You can then drag and drop your new song folders into this folder to play within the game on the custom songs icon.


Other support

If the above instructions no longer work in the future you can get updated mod installation instructions from the following links:

Beat Saber Modding Group Wiki

Beat Saber Modding Group discord

HardCPP VR Mods Discord, developer of Beat Saber Plus multiplayer and Twitch chat mod