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28 April 2017

Building a Linux server with an Asus Tinker Board

For several years, we have been using a Raspberry Pi as a small Linux server for monitoring our solar...

23 April 2017

Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Barcode Scanner Part 2

This is the second part in an ongoing project to build a wireless barcode scanner based on the Raspberry...

15 January 2017

Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Barcode Scanner Part 1

This blog post is part one of a new project we have been working on in our spare time for the past...

14 March 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 UART Boot Overlay Part Two

Updated on 19th March 2016 for new Raspbian Jessie release changes. Following on from the previous...

06 February 2013

Raspberry Pi model A vs Model B

The new Raspberry Pi model A arrived today after a mixup where Farnell sent us another model B yesterday. The...

14 September 2012

ADC Pi Raspberry Pi I2C Analog to Digital Converter boards available to buy online

Update April 2015 Since the launch of this first ADC board for the Raspberry Pi it has been replaced...