Twenty Years of being Self Employed

04 APRIL 2018

I don't normally write personal posts about myself but with 2018 being the 20th anniversary of starting my own business Apexweb, I thought I would write about the ups and downs of the past twenty years of being self...

Milling Machine Ballscrew End Float Fix

28 AUGUST 2017

We converted our Axminster SIEG Super X1 micro mill to use ballscrews back in 2010 and every few months of use we have had to adjust the bearings to eliminate any backlash on the X and Y axis drives. The original drive...

Car History Album

21 FEBRUARY 2017

I was sorting though some old folders today and I found a photo album of my first cars and motorbike from when I was first driving in 1991. I thought it would be a good idea to make a collection of all my vehicles to date...

Nextbase 512G low profile mount mod for Ford Focus

30 OCTOBER 2016

After picking up the new Ford Focus last week I wanted to install a dash cam so in the event of us being unlucky enough to be involved in an accident there will be video footage of the moments before and after the event. After...

Ford Sync 3 USB Drive Music Playlists

22 OCTOBER 2016

Our new Ford Focus arrived on Thursday this week and the 2016 model in the United Kingdom is now shipped with Fords latest Sync 3 multimedia system which has been available in the USA for some time. I have a large music...

Summer 2016 Workshop Update

19 JULY 2016

Sorry for the lack of new blog posts in the last couple of months but we have been very busy with the slate roof on our home being replaced and the work involved with refurbishing the roof and associated outside lead work,...

Virtual Swanage 20 years old

01 JANUARY 2016

20 years of Virtual Swanage promoting our town and local area at In 1996 we first launched our local tourist information website for our home town of Swanage. The first version of the website...

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen Hot Water Installation

04 DECEMBER 2015

Today the new 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat with hot water control arrived which we had ordered last month when the new UK model with hot water control was announced. We needed the Nest Thermostat with the hot water...

Starting your own ecommerce business

03 DECEMBER 2015

When we launched our ecommerce shop AB Electronics UK selling the Raspberry Pi expansion boards which myself and my brother Andrew have designed and hand built we thought that we knew all the potential issues and pitfalls...

Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger Version 2

30 NOVEMBER 2015

Three years ago we designed a solar data logger based on a Raspberry Pi which monitored the solar heating and PV system in the house as well as measuring the amount of energy we were using.  This system has served...

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