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T962 Infrared Reflow Oven Vent Hack

02 OCTOBER 2012

We purchased a T-962 desktop reflow oven from China on eBay a few weeks ago and found the results from the oven to be very poor compared to the specifications on the area which it could process. We found that it would only...

RF Shielding on a Mains Inverter


The mains inverter we have for our solar system generates a lot of RF interference on our ham radio transceivers and also across the entire HF spectrum. The inverter body has plastic ends and very little filtering for the...

ADC Pi Raspberry Pi I2C Analog to Digital Converter boards available to buy online


Update April 2015 Since the launch of this first ADC board for the Raspberry Pi it has been replaced with the ADC Pi models and we have also mde variants of the ADC board with a ADC Differential Pi which is a 8...

Axminster SIEG Super X1 Micro Mill Z Axis Ballscrew Upgrade


Following the ballscrew upgrade of the X and Y axis of our Micro Mill in 2010 we decided it was time to try to improve the accuracy of the Z axis on the mill which had been using a basic lead-screw which had a lot of excessive...

Cheap Sources of Components

19 AUGUST 2012

One major factor which affects many electronics hobbyists is the cost of purchasing components and associated fixing hardware. Very cheap sources for used parts which are normally still OK to use for your own projects are...

XBee Central Heating Control via Raspberry Pi

10 AUGUST 2012

XBee Central Heating Control via Raspberry Pi Following from the previous post detailing the plans to build an XBee & Raspberry Pi central heating controller we have now built the control board and written the Microchip...

Raspberry Pi central heating controller

08 AUGUST 2012

Now the solar monitoring and logging system is working we are going to build the wireless remote control for the hot water and central heating boiler and controller/programmer. We currently have a variant of an ACL Drayton...

12v iPad Charger

01 AUGUST 2012

Following the 4th Apple iPad charger failing and not wanting to spent even more money with Apple to replace them we decided to try to make 12v powered chargers to make use of the excess PV power we now have during the daytime...

The Hackaday Effect

25 JULY 2012

Today one of my projects was added to the popular hacking site Hack a Day for the Raspberry Pi solar logging project. Normally the blog receives on average 30-40 visitors and around 80 page views per hour. Within minutes...

Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger

24 JULY 2012

The Raspberry Pi solar data logger project is now live and is the latest version of our previous data logging systems using Arduino and Android + IOIO board projects. The data is used on a custom reporting website on home.briandorey.com...

Raspberry Pi Fan Controller and Interface

20 JULY 2012

To make it easier to connect the various cables to the new Raspberry Pi ADC board we decided to make a second PCB with header pins to connect to the ADC board and take these to screw terminals. Also we wanted to have a temperature...

Raspberry Pi I2C Microchip MCP3428 ADC Reading

14 JULY 2012

The code sample below shows how to read the ADC values from the MCP3428 16-Bit, Multi-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converter with I2C™ Interface and On-Board Reference by Microchip via I2C on the Raspberry Pi using Python. The...

Raspberry Pi I2C Analog to Digital Converter

11 JULY 2012

The original plan for the Analog-to-Digital Converter was to use the Dallas 1-Wire system and use the DS2450 1-Wire Quad A/D Converter which was advertised as being a 16 bit device but after buying two of the chips which...

New Raspberry Pi I2C interface project

10 JULY 2012

Currently working on a new I/O board add-on for the Raspberry PI computer. The PCB will have 8 16bit A/D inputs which are connected via buffers to the I2C port on the Raspberry PI GPIO port.  There will also be a built...

Raspberry Pi I2C Microchip MCP9800123 Temperature Sensor

06 JULY 2012

The plan to use an Android phone and IOIO board to log the solar data has been abandoned after repeated failures of the IOIO boards to run for more than 24 hours without crashing or resetting. It maybe that I have purchased...

IOIO Android I2C Light Levels using TSL2561 Logging Code

26 JUNE 2012

As part of the home solar PV and hot water project we are now using an IOIO board with an android tablet to process the sensor data and upload to our online reporting website. The code below is used to get the sensor data...

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