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New DJI Mavic Pro Drone

09 MARCH 2017

A few weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to order a quadcopter to play with for filming for my own personal use as I have no plans to apply for a license for commercial use after the high level photography business...

Raspberry Pi Zero W external antenna mod

04 MARCH 2017

With the release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero earlier this week we ordered one from The Pi Hut to use with our expansion boards (they all work without any problems) and one from Pimoroni to use with our barcode scanner...

Car History Album

21 FEBRUARY 2017

I was sorting though some old folders today and I found a photo album of my first cars and motorbike from when I was first driving in 1991. I thought it would be a good idea to make a collection of all my vehicles to date...

HP MediaSmart EX475 VGA Port Mod and Linux Install

19 FEBRUARY 2017

For many years we have used our old HP MediaSmart EX475 (WHS) Windows Home Server box as a secondary NAS drive on our home network to keep a backup from our main Synology Diskstation NAS drive. The Synology has 4 x...

Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Barcode Scanner Part 1

15 JANUARY 2017

This blog post is part one of a new project we have been working on in our spare time for the past few weeks, a new Raspberry Pi Zero based wireless barcode scanner with a touch screen interface. Part Two of the project...

CIF CF02 Reflow Oven Upgrade to Zallus Learning Controller

09 DECEMBER 2016

For the past four years, we have been using a CIF CF02 reflow oven to reflow and cook our circuit boards which we sell on www.abelectronics.co.uk and for our own projects. The oven initially needed a lot of tweaking...

Knowlton Chruch Night Photography Trip

22 NOVEMBER 2016

After a busy day building Raspberry Pi boards, we took a drive tonight to Knowlton Church and earth works to try to get some night time photos with the stars behind the Norman church. Knowlton Church was built in the 12th...

Lyme Regis Sunset Photography trip

02 NOVEMBER 2016

Went for a drive this afternoon down to Axmister Tools to pick up a few new tools for the workshop and stopped off at Lyme Regis on the way back to try to get some photos of the sunset from the cob and harbour wall. Larger...

Nextbase 512G low profile mount mod for Ford Focus

30 OCTOBER 2016

After picking up the new Ford Focus last week I wanted to install a dash cam so in the event of us being unlucky enough to be involved in an accident there will be video footage of the moments before and after the event. After...

Trip to Sturminster Mill in Dorset

28 OCTOBER 2016

Since picking up the new Ford Focus last week I can now drive again thanks to its Powershift six speed transmission and this afternoon after a couple of meetings with customers, I went for a drive up to Sturminster Mill...

Ford Sync 3 USB Drive Music Playlists

22 OCTOBER 2016

Our new Ford Focus arrived on Thursday this week and the 2016 model in the United Kingdom is now shipped with Fords latest Sync 3 multimedia system which has been available in the USA for some time. I have a large music...

Home Energy Solar Logger Update


Since updating our home solar data logging system to the Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger Version 2 in November 2015 we planned to add additional indoor and outdoor sensors to the system.   We ordered additional...

10Mhz Frequency Standard Distribution Project


Several months ago we purchased a FE-5680A Rubidium Frequency Standard from eBay, part number P/N 217400-30352-1. We planned to use the frequency standard as a reference for our frequency counter, spectrum analyser and our...

Camera Carry Grip Handle

29 AUGUST 2016

Last week I decided to upgrade my old Canon 5D Mk1 to a new camera as I wanted a higher resolution and better autofocus system for wildlife and landscapes. I had been waiting for the new Canon 5D Mk IV which was officially...

Summer 2016 Workshop Update

19 JULY 2016

Sorry for the lack of new blog posts in the last couple of months but we have been very busy with the slate roof on our home being replaced and the work involved with refurbishing the roof and associated outside lead work,...

CIF Relflow oven forced air cooling fan addon

23 APRIL 2016

When building our Raspberry Pi expansion boards we use lead free solder paste and a C.I.F FT02 batch reflow oven to cook the boards. The C.I.F promotional videos show the oven being used on a workbench without any...

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Raspberry Pi Zero W external antenna mod
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