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Pick and Place Cable Upgrades

22 MAY 2014

In the past few weeks we had an intermittent problem with two of the stepper motors on the DIY Pick and Place machine on the picker head where the motors wouldn’t always run at slower speeds when the head was at the...

Railway Sky LED Controller

23 MARCH 2014

Alongside our electronic projects another long term hobby has been model making and more specifically model railways.  We have had a model railway in our loft workshop for many years and it has always been a way of...

SolarStorm X2 LED Bike Lights Mount Modifications

18 MARCH 2014

I am trying to get fit again after a long wet winter of not using my bike and I decided it was time to replace my old halogen bike lights with a modern LED system so we can go out for night time rides after work. My old...

GoPro Hero 2 Handlebar mount

15 MARCH 2014

On our Virtual Swanage website we have a section with cycle routes in our local area. We purchased a GoPro Hero 2 camera with a bike mount with the intention to use this to record videos of the cycle routes and then put...

Pick and Place Picker Software Upgrade

04 MARCH 2014

Since building the DIY Pick and Place machine we have had a problem with the Atmel processor powered component selector which was using the AccelStepper library which would randomly push the selector ram down...

PSU Temperature Monitor

27 FEBRUARY 2014

For a few years now we have been using a GW Instek GPC-1850D power supply in our workshop and while it has served us well over that time there has always been one issue that has annoyed us, the loud cooling fan in the back...

Atmel AVR Dragon Programmer Case

20 FEBRUARY 2014

To program the Atmel chips in our recent PNP controller board and for our planned expansion boards for the solar power data logger we needed to be able to program the Atmel chips used on the boards. After looking at various...

Pick and Place USB Control Software

08 FEBRUARY 2014

After completing our DIY Pick and Place machine USB Controller Board  we needed to rewrite the controller software to drive the pick and place machine. The new Pick and Place software is written in C# and we used...

DIY Pick and Place USB Controller Board

28 JANUARY 2014

After completing our DIY Pick and Place machine  we soon found a limitation with the SmoothStepper Ethernet board when using it to switch the various relays and select components from the Arduino Mini controlled component...

Variable RF Signal Sampler

16 JANUARY 2014

One of my hobbies is Amateur (Ham) radio and it is useful to be able to check the outputs on the radios transmitters to check that the signal is transmitting on the correct frequency and not causing spurious frequency...

Metcal SP200 Soldering Station Repair

14 JANUARY 2014

While soldering boards today one of our Metcal SP200 solder stations stopped working with a quiet pop and some magic smoke* came from the case. We removed the case of the power unit and found that the internal fuse had...

Canon Camera Wireless Remote Control

23 DECEMBER 2013

When using our high level photography mast we have always used a series of USB expansion cables to make up a 20m long cable to remote control the camera and view the live video feed from the camera in real-time on an Android...

Manual Pick and Place V2

05 DECEMBER 2013

After finishing the automatic pick and place project we soon found that we needed to be able to place components manually when working on prototype and very short production runs of pcb boards. As the space in the...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Project Complete

23 NOVEMBER 2013

The DIY pick and place machine project is now finally running and is able to place the components for our Raspberry Pi expansion boards. This project started in July 2013 when we began to order the various components, bearings,...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Base Vision LED Array

02 NOVEMBER 2013

DIY Pick and Place V2 – Base Vision LED Array The PCB's arrived today for the LED array to go in the base of the Pick and Place system. The six boards hold a total of 144 red leds. We are now trying to...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Vibratory Chip Feeder

27 OCTOBER 2013

The new diy pick and place machine needed a way to feed SOIC, TSOP and other tube supplied chips to be picked and placed using the machine. After looking at a lot of commercial and diy solutions we decided to build...

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