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DIY Pick and Place V2 All Axis Testing

12 OCTOBER 2013

After a busy week rebuilding the picker system with much better quality bearings and installing the home sensors to all the axises the DIY pick and place machine was finally ready to connect to the Smoothstepper Ethernet...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Feeder Activator build problems

01 OCTOBER 2013

The feeder activator system to select the correct component feeder and then activate the feeder is based on the same system used on the semi-automatic pick and place machine we built before. In order to save weight on...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Picker X Axis build update


Work is slowly progressing on the DIY pick and place machine with the pickers X axis having new parts machined this week and assembled and tested today. Further photos are on my Flickr gallery at http://www.flickr.com/photos/brian-dorey/sets/72157635317638526/...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Picker Y Axis gearbox and drive


It has been a busy week so far designing different brackets and parts for the automatic pick and place machine. The photos below show the latest progress on the build and a video showing the picker Y axis running via a Smoothstepper...

DIY Pick and Place V2 Picker Head Assembly


After using our previous semi-automatic pick and place machine for a year we decided it was time to build a fully automatic DIY pick and place machine as we cant keep up with the demand for the Raspberry Pi expansion boards....

Agilent InfiniiVision MSOX2024A Oscilloscope I2C Analysis

21 AUGUST 2013

Today I was trying to get a Netduino 2 .NET Micro Framework microcontroller board to communicate with the ADC Pi board which we build and sell for the Raspberry Pi. Initially the boards didn't seem to communicate so...

Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger v2 Plans

22 JULY 2013

It has now been a year since the first Raspberry Pi solar data logger was launched and over the past 12 months it has been running continuously uploading data from our sensors to our online reporting site at home.briandorey.com...

Raspberry Pi GPIO Protection

06 JULY 2013

After damaging the GPIO port on our raspberry pi while designing a new solar monitoring system we decided that it might be a good idea to build a buffer/level translator to protect the GPIO pins from over voltage and ESD...

Landrover Defender Replacement crossmember fitting

29 JUNE 2013

Earlier this year I ordered a Landrover Defender Replacement HD (heavy duty) crossmember from blacksheepcrossmember.co.uk to replace the rear crossmember on my Defender which was rusting fairly badly on each end due to the...

Workshop ESD Protection

19 JUNE 2013

Now we are doing a lot more work with static sensitive devices we decided it was time to update our workbench with an ESD antistatic mat and wrist straps to try to ground any static electric build-up before it can damage...

Cental Heating Control via Windows Phone and Raspberry Pi

10 JUNE 2013

I have now finished working on the mobile app for the Raspberry Pi controlled central heating controller. This is following from the www.briandorey.com/post/XBee-Central-Heating-Control-via-Raspberry-Pi blog post which detailed...

Raspberry Pi solar data logger after one year

06 JUNE 2013

It has now been just over 12 months since we installed our Raspberry Pi solar data logger system on the house and it has been uploading temperature readings, battery voltage and current readings every minute, 24 hours a day,...

Land Rover Defender roof insulation upgrade

31 MAY 2013

After another cold winter driving our Landrover Defender 90 we decided to try to insulate the roof and exposed side panels in the vehicle and try to track down an annoying water leak which caused water to build up above the...

Solar Air Removal Upgrade SpiroVent RV2

31 MAY 2013

Our solar thermal hot water system has now been installed for 12 months and has given a good saving on our annual gas bills with the summer gas usage being almost 80% lower than previous years. A recurring problem with the...

TECHNO SD 240 Manual operated stencil printer

18 MAY 2013

After struggling for some time using homemade stencil holders and bits of tape to hold the stencils down we decided to buy a commercial stencil holder. Most seemed to be around the £2000 mark and only take large framed...

Dangerous LED Outdoor Floodlights

05 MAY 2013

A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of “20W 1600Lm LED Garden Outdoor FloodLight 85-265V Pure White Wall WashLights” at £35 each to replace the pair of 150W halogen outdoor lights in the back garden. The seller...

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