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Random projects and posts - page 16

27 JANUARY 2012

iOS webView open a JavaScript link in Safari

After working on updates for our Virtual Swanage iOS app that uses a JavaScript based webview for information, I ran into a problem where by a JavaScript window.location event would only open up a page within an...

22 JANUARY 2012

Wiring Land Rover Defender Heated Seats

I found a pair of new and unused half leather TDCI/ PUMA Defender heated seats on ebay which I thought would be idea for the cold winter driving in my Defender. As I have a 1999 Defender it doesn't have any of the wiring...

18 JANUARY 2012

SOPA Blackout Day

As several mainstream websites have blacked out their pages in protest of the SOPA and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) legislation which the US Senate is trying to pass today, I thought I would get some screen shots of the pages while...

04 JANUARY 2012

Website Design the day job update

I thought I should post an update to the About Me page on the site which hasn't been updated for a few years. Still building websites for my main business (www.apexweb.co.uk) and out taking photos for stock and clients...

31 DECEMBER 2011

Android Market 101 error downloading apps

Since getting the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus I was not able to download apps to the phone via the Market app. Every time I would get an error -101 saying the app could not be downloaded. Also on the Android Market website...

21 DECEMBER 2011

Camera mount with finder scope fitting for HEQ5 PRO mount

After getting some good photos with the new telescope kit purchased in October, we thought it would be good to be able to make use of the tracking facilities of the HEQ5 PRO mount with the normal camera and wider lenses to...

09 DECEMBER 2011


moon, a photo by brian-dorey on Flickr. Close up shot of the moon taken using my 8 inch telescope and Canon 5D Mk 2 with 20mm lens on telescope

08 NOVEMBER 2011

Fitting a Redbooster Clutch Servo kit to an TD5 Landrover Defender

The clutch pedal on my Defender is very heavy and causes a lot of pain with my knee problems. After seeing several recommendations for a clutch servo kit online, I ordered a Redbooster kit from www.redbooster.com who are...

07 OCTOBER 2011

jupiter and moons

jupiter and moons, a photo by brian-dorey on Flickr. Via Flickr: First attempt at photos of a different planet taken in the back garden with Skywatcher EXPLORER-200PDS on a HEQ5 PRO mount. Camera connected directly...

29 AUGUST 2011

HTC HD7 and Apple iPod Touch Wooden Stand

Following from the previous HTC Desire Custom Wood Dock project, I have purchased a HTC HD7 phone and also an Apple iPod Touch. The plastic ipod stand wasn't very well made and I haven't been able to find a suitable...

28 AUGUST 2011

Mac Pro Tower SSD mounting brackets

The older 2008 Apple Mac Pro tower computers use a crude and prone to vibration mounting bracket system to hold the hard drives upside down in the case. When I changed to use an Intel SSD drive last year I had to fix the...

16 JULY 2011

Using the Metaweblog API on Blogenginenet with Flickr

The BlogEngine.NET blog system has a very useful Metaweblog API which allows authorised websites to post blog entries to your blog. On previous versions of this blog I had used this to post photos from Flickr to the blog...

30 JUNE 2011

Canon MPE 65mm to Sigma EM 140 DG ringflash adapter

We purchased the Sigma EM-140 DG ring flash a couple of years ago to use on the Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens. The flash mounts on the end of the lens using the supplied adapters but this leaves the flash lights around 30mm...

07 MARCH 2011

iPod dock in dashboard for Landrover Defender

After installing the Raptor dash I found I needed a new home for my Apple iPod which connects to my headunit. There are very limited spaces available in the Landrover Defender to keep things out of sight so i thought I would...

22 JANUARY 2011

Fitting a Raptor Dash into a 1999 TD5 Defender

Raptor Dash Fitting in my 1998 TD5 Landrover Defender Dashboard purchased from https://www.raptor-engineering.co.uk/ The original blog post from 2011 was lost in a database crash and so this post has been reconstructed...

14 JANUARY 2011

Firefox This Address is Restricted error message

Seems firefox has a security system to stop you browsing sites using non standard ports. To bypass: In the address bar type about:config Search for network.security.ports.banned.override If it dosnt exist,...

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