Data logger home page

Since updating our home solar data logging system to the Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger Version 2 in November 2015 we planned to add additional indoor and outdoor sensors to the system.  

We ordered additional temperature sensors from Wirelessthings a few months ago and last week we also ordered Wireless Barometric Pressure and Wireless Humidity units to add to the current internal temperature sensors which we had in two of the bedrooms and one in the living room.

Today we configured the new sensors to work with our Raspberry Pi which runs the data logger system and updated our online reporting website database and front-end pages to work with the additional seven sensor values.

We now have the following sensors configured with the logger:


  • Bedroom One – Temperature
  • Bedroom Two – Temperature
  • Bedroom Three – Temperature
  • Loft – Temperature
  • Bathroom – Temperature
  • Kitchen – Temperature


  • Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Temperature

For the online reporting website, we updated the home page to show an average of the seven internal temperature sensors and the three new outdoor sensors which you can view at

Indoor sensor data report

For the internal room sensors, we created a dynamic SVG image which has the room temperatures populated via the database and we created a lookup table of colour values to show the temperature of each room between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, the new rooms page is on