Our solar thermal hot water system has now been installed for 12 months and has given a good saving on our annual gas bills with the summer gas usage being almost 80% lower than in previous years.

A recurring problem with the solar system is a buildup of air in the pipes which required us to bleed the system every few months. To try to resolve this we decided to buy an automatic air deaerator to remove air from the system without us having to manually bleed it every time.

We found the SpiroVent RV2 from Spirotech which seemed to get good reviews and looked very easy to install with minimal changes to our existing pipes.

The photo below shows the new vent installed on 22mm pipes after the circulation pump.

Solar Air removal

Front view of the air vent.

Solar Air removal

The installation took about an hour as we also changed the pipes coming from the pump which was previously 15mm and changed this to 22mm to fit directly on the pump output and into the SpiroVent RV2 input which had 22mm fittings. On the output side, we used a 22mm - 15mm reduced to fit into the existing pipes.

Once the system was refilled and pressurised the air could be heard coming from the SpiroVent RV2 and after approx 20 minutes with the pump running at its maximum speed, no more air was coming from the vent and the entire system seemed to be running quieter.


View product page on Spirotech website.