Hope One LED Light GoPro mount


With the dark winter evenings drawing in we are starting to use the bikes more at night than in the day time due to work commitments to try to keep fit. We purchased a set of Hope One LED lights earlier this year and they...

USB Smart Charger with Bluetooth LE

11 AUGUST 2015

For the past few months we have been working on a set of new USB smart chargers which run from our off grid 12V system to be used for charging tablets, smartphones and other devices which charge from a USB port. The aim...

Powerpole Fused Distribution Board Case

31 JULY 2015

Since building the Powerpole fused distribution boards we have been planning to make a case to prevent accidental short circuits on the pcb boards when power is applied. We looked at commercial cases and found some suitable...

Designing a PIC24 Development Board

08 JULY 2015

Several of our recent projects have used a 16 bit PIC24 microcontroller from Microchip.  The PIC24FJ128GC006 contains two 16-bit ADC channels which makes it useful for measuring voltages more accurately than the 10...

DIY Soldering Robot Project Completed

04 MAY 2015

The DIY soldering robot which we have been building in our spare time over the past few months is now working and we have been able to solder some test Raspberry Pi expansion board headers with the machine. Before starting...

Soldering Robot Designing the Motor Driver Board

07 APRIL 2015

For several months now we have been working on a new soldering robot to solder the 40 pin headers onto the raspberry pi expansion boards we build and sell on our AB Electronics UK website.  The mechanical side of the...

Soldering Robot Temperature Controller

06 APRIL 2015

With the mechanical side of the soldering robot well underway the next stage was to begin work on the electronics that will control it.  In a previous post I wrote about our decision to use the Antex TCS230 soldering...

Soldering Robot Head Assembly

14 MARCH 2015

We have finished the soldering iron element slider system and stepper mount for the new soldering robot project. The soldering iron element slides on a pair or 6mm rails, drylin® accessories, precision aluminium shaft...

Antex TCS230 50W Temperature Controller Part 1

08 MARCH 2015

We are working on a new project to make a dual headed soldering robot to automate the soldering of the dual in line header pins on the Raspberry Pi expansion boards we design, manufacture and sell on our shop at We...

Maynuo M9812 Serial to USB Adapter

19 OCTOBER 2014

We recently purchased a Maynuo M9812 programmable DC electronic load to use on various projects and one of the features of the M9812 is a serial connector that can be used to connect the load to a pc for external control...

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