Powerpole board

We use Anderson Powerpole connectors (http://www.powerwerx.com/anderson-powerpoles/) on our ham radios and other 12-volt accessories in the house and we had always used leaded plugs connecting to a central point with inline fuses on each one.

There are commercial Powerpole distribution boxes available but they are very expensive and difficult to obtain in the UK.

The maximum DC load on our radios is approx. 30 amps so we designed a double-sided PCB with traces large enough to take the current load and fitted five of the Anderson Powerpole connectors to the board using 2mm round copper wire. Each connector has a connector with an automotive blade fuse to protect the output.

We are considering making this board a kit to sell on our AB Electronics UK website and would welcome any comments or feedback.

Update: Feb 2015, due to the cost of the power pole connectors we are not going to be able to supply this as a kit and so we have made the design files for the PCB available to download and use to have your own PCBs produced. 

We use JLCPCB for our prototype PCBs and they supply 10 boards for a very competitive price from jlcpcb.com

Download the files from: https://github.com/briandorey/Power-Pole-Expander