AVR Dragon Case

To program the Atmel chips in our recent PNP controller board and for our planned expansion boards for the solar power data logger, we needed to be able to program the Atmel chips used on the boards. After looking at various programmers we decided to buy an Atmel AVR Dragon programmer.

When the programmer arrived it was supplied as a bare PCB board and so could easily be damaged or short-circuited if placed on any metal or components. We decided to make a simple case for the programmer using 8mm perspex for the centre section and the top and base used 3mm perspex sheet.

The base was drilled with an M2.5 drill and then tapped to take an M3 bolt to hold the case together.

The PDF plans for this case can be downloaded here.

Update 26th June 2018

A 3D model of this case has been created by Farin who has uploaded the STL files to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2979167