Sony Bravia 55XE90 KD-55XE9005 Teardown VR Damage

15 JANUARY 2020

Last week my 55 inch Sony Bravia KD 55XE9005 LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV suffered an unfortunate accident with a friend who was playing Richie's Plank Experience on my Oculus Rift. While playing one of the bonus...

12V SLA Battery Testers

21 NOVEMBER 2019

We use 12 Volt sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) for many different uses from shed lighting to running radios and other 12V equipment which needs a portable power supply. To check the charge status of the batteries we usually...

Aim-TTi TF930 3GHz Frequency Counter Internal PSU

02 OCTOBER 2019

We have an Aim-TTi TF930 3GHz Frequency Counter on our test equipment shelf and this uses an external plastic plugin power brick to power the frequency counter. After cutting the plastic case from the power supply we found...

Oculus Rift broken Cable repair attempt


I purchased my Oculus Rift headset back in July 2016 and since then it has had a lot of use. Last month I started to get an intermittent issue with the HDMI disconnecting. I assumed that it was the headset cable and so...

New C.I.F FT 03 Batch reflow oven


Following from the C.I.F CF02 reflow oven heater module upgrade post in February our C.I.F reflow oven, which has had several rebuilds over the past six years, started to fail when reflowing our boards and so we decided...

Sony MDS-JE440 Minidisc loading belt replacement

29 JULY 2019

I found a Sony MDS-JE440 Minidisc player in a local antique / second hand / retro  goods shop in town called Eklektika/ and Mark who owns the shop told me that the player was faulty with a dead display and broken drive...

SMA 50-ohm terminator dummy loads

16 JULY 2019

We needed some reverse polarity SMA Plug terminators to blank off the unused Wi-Fi connectors on our broadband router and also on our desktop computers as we previously had the antennas installed and these sometimes got...

CIF CF02 reflow oven heater module upgrade

12 FEBRUARY 2019

Following the replacement of the control system in our reflow oven in December 2016 we encountered a problem last week where one of the glass heating elements failed and the ceramic end of the element fell apart causing...

Be quiet silent loop water cooler fail

15 OCTOBER 2018

With the very hot weather in the United Kingdom this summer we decided to try to improve the cooling on our computers by replacing our air cooled heatsinks with a sealed loop water cooler system. At the end of July we...

Testing 18650 Li-ion Batteries

11 MAY 2017

We recently designed a barcode scanner to use with our online store.  To power the scanner, we decided to use 18650 size lithium ion batteries as they are high capacity for their weight and cheap to buy.  This...

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