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Bitmap to Byte array for e-ink display

28 APRIL 2018

Over the past few months Andrew has been working on a new circuit for a custom home alarm system to replace our current hardwired commercial alarm. For the display panel on the new alarm we are going to be using a...

Mosquitto MQTT and Home Assistant Data Logging

14 MARCH 2018

We have removed the Raspberry Pi based data logger from our home and moved the logging hardware and new software to the Gigabit Internet Gateway Network PC which we installed in December 2017. The old Raspberry Pi...

Gigabit Internet Gateway Network PC

16 DECEMBER 2017

Following from our home network upgrade in August 2017 we have been trying to find a way to add global adblocking for the computers, tablets and phones connected to our network and to run additional software. We had...

tp-link LB130 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb Python Control

30 AUGUST 2017

A few weeks ago, we purchased a tp-link LB130 smart bulb to use with the Home Assistant software we had been trying on the Raspberry Pi. The support for the bulb in the Home Assistant software was limited and so Andrew...

Home Network Upgrade

22 AUGUST 2017

The home network installation for our computers was first setup using 10BASE2 coax connections when we only had 2 computers and one was connected to the internet via a modem. Since then we have upgraded to using first...

Home Energy Solar Logger Update


Since updating our home solar data logging system to the Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger Version 2 in November 2015 we planned to add additional indoor and outdoor sensors to the system.   We ordered additional...

Gas Meter Hall Effect Sensor

13 JANUARY 2016

In a previous blog post we wrote about our new mains energy monitoring system which reads the values from our electric and gas meters and stores them in an online database.  The gas reading was done using a reed...

ESP8266 Mains Energy Monitor

01 JANUARY 2016

In November of last year we finished work on our Raspberry Pi based solar data logger, a part of our ongoing smart home project that we have been working on for several years now.  The solar logger monitors all of...

Raspberry Pi Solar Data Logger Version 2

30 NOVEMBER 2015

Three years ago we designed a solar data logger based on a Raspberry Pi which monitored the solar heating and PV system in the house as well as measuring the amount of energy we were using.  This system has served...

USB Smart Charger with Bluetooth LE

11 AUGUST 2015

For the past few months we have been working on a set of new USB smart chargers which run from our off grid 12V system to be used for charging tablets, smartphones and other devices which charge from a USB port. The aim...

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