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xbox 360

29 JULY 2008

Watercooled Xbox 360

Watercooled Xbox 360 - First watercooling project to make an Xbox 360 much quieter. Materials Used: 6mm Copper Plate for heat block Feser One Cooling Fluid - UV GREEN 3/8 Clearflex 60 Hose 12V Laing DDC-1T...

14 MAY 2007

External Button Connections

External Connections for Xbox 360 Steering Wheel buttons and gear shifters Adding six external phono plug connections for joypad buttons and gear shifter pads on the Xbox 360 wheel. These are to connect external gear shifters...

15 DECEMBER 2006

Steering wheel bearings upgrade

Changing the default plastic bearing in the official Xbox 360 steering wheel to a sealed cartridge bearing. Parts Required: Xbox 360 Steering Wheel Sealed bearing race, 45mm internal, 75mm external, 16mm high....