Watercooled Xbox 360 - First water cooling project to make an Xbox 360 much quieter.

Materials Used:

  • 6mm Copper Plate for heat block
  • Feser One Cooling Fluid - UV GREEN
  • 3/8 Clearflex 60 Hose
  • 12V Laing DDC-1T Pro 10W Pump
  • XSPC 250mm Passive Reservoir (Silver) x 2

Total Materials and Parts Cost approx £120

Copper plate on milling machine

Copper plate on mill The copper plate was milled into the 2 halves of the heat block with the water pipes soldered into the top of the block


The heat block was sealed and then bolted with 16 M3 x 12mm bolts

heatblock bolted and sealed

The heat block is being checked for mounting pin alignment on the motherboard

heat block being checked

Water reservoirs fitted to the case

Water reservoirs

The completed 360. I was planning to fit the pump inside but it was easier to fit it on the back of the case for ease of filling and bleeding the system.

The completed 360