Changing the default plastic bearing in the official Xbox 360 steering wheel to a sealed cartridge bearing.

Parts Required:

  • Xbox 360 Steering Wheel
  • Sealed bearing race, 45mm internal, 75mm external, 16mm high. Available from RS Electronics, part no. 285-0778.


An alternative bearing has been used on another mod by Prime NL who use the following: Serial: 61809-2RS1- Inner: 45 mm. - Outer: 60 mm. - Height: 8 mm.

Stage 1: Removing the old plastic bush

The Base of the unmodified wheel

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

The plastic leg/gripper panel was removed.

 Xbox 360 Steering Wheel base removed

Base cover removed

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel cover off

Steering wheel is removed, you need to remove the cables which go through the centre of the spindle before you remove the wheel.

 Xbox 360 Steering Wheel off

The original spindle is in place.

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel spindle

The spindle was removed from the frame

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel spindle removed

The original plastic bush with lots of sideways play

Old plastic bearing

New bearing race next to an original plastic bush

New bearing for Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

Stage 2: Fitting the new bearing

Bearing fitted to the front panel with super glue to hold central before the addition of fixing resin

new bearing in place

The new bearing with resin glue and plastic shims around the edge to hold it in place.

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel bearing fitted

Trimming the plastic spindle to fit the 45mm bearing

Trimming the Xbox 360 Steering Wheel spindle

Final reassembly, note the extra space between the mounting pillars and the motor plate. This could be reinforced with longer spacers if necessary but we found there is no movement if you tighten the screws evenly.

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel upgrade complete

Pedal box fitted to the new frame.

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel pedal box

Finished Steering Wheel and Pedal Box fitted to the frame.

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel and pedals fitted