GoPro Camera Handle Bar Mount

On our Virtual Swanage website, we have a section with cycle routes in our local area.

We purchased a GoPro Hero 2 camera with a bike mount with the intention to use this to record videos of the cycle routes and then put edited versions of these on YouTube with links to each route map.

After recording the first few rides we found that the supplied handlebar mount was too flexible and wobbled too much when off-road and this caused the video to bounce up and down.

We tried to add a stabiliser bar to the GoPro waterproof housing which helped to improve the vibration problem but made it very difficult to remove the GoPro from the bike to charge and copy the video footage to the computer.

Today we decided to make a custom mounting bracket which bolts directly onto the back of the GoPro waterproof case and bolts onto the bike's handlebars with 2 aluminium brackets made from a 6.25mm thick aluminium sheet.

We designed the mounting brackets in Adobe Illustrator and then cut the brackets on our CNC mill. After drilling the 2.5mm holes in the rear of the mounts for the clamp bolts we used a slitting saw to cut the bracket so it would fit around the bike's handlebars. The holes in the outer section of the clamp were then drilled to take an M3 bolt and the inner section was tapped for the M3 threads.

The rear of the GoPro waterproof case was then drilled using an M3 drill and this was fixed to the mounting brackets using M3 x 10mm bolts.

The 2 sections of the mounting bracket are held together using M3 x 20mm bolts around the handlebar.

Download the PDF design file.