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DIY Pick and Place V2 Base Vision LED Array

Making a custom LED array for the base vision camera on our DIY Pick and Place V2 project

DIY Pick and Place V2 – Base Vision LED Array

pick and place vision led driver

The PCB's arrived today for the LED array to go in the base of the Pick and Place system. The six boards hold a total of 144 red leds.

We are now trying to use OpenCV with the Emgu CV C# wrapper to detect the chips.

The driver board is based on the LM3404MA constant current driver from Texas Instruments with a 24V input to drive the led array and also has a dimming input so the brightness can be controlled via a PWM input. The driver was designed using TIs Webench, you can download the schematic for the driver here.

pick and place vision led driver

pick and place vision led driver

When the leds are turned on, they produce a very smooth and even light on the components held in the picker head which will hopefully allow easier detection for the camera and software.

pick and place vision led driver



03 November 2018 at 5:32 am
I want to create a DIY light source for my vision application. Do you have a schematic of LED array for reference ?
Dilip Thorat
15 January 2019 at 10:56 am
good project

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