After moving my monitors around on the office desk to make way for some new kit, I found that the best place would be if one of the screens was fitted flush against one of the brick walls in the office.

I made this VESA-compatible monitor mount from a single piece of aluminium plate after seeing the commercial ones have a much larger standoff than I needed.

Materials Used: 1 x 120 x 120 x 6mm aluminium plate
2 x 4" screws (countersunk)
2 x brown wall plugs

VESA compatible monitor mount

The plate was cut to be 120mm square and then four holes were drilled at 100mm centres.

In the middle of the plate, I milled two keyways to allow the plate to be fixed to the wall on two screws.

testing on wall

The photo above shows the plate when hanging on the wall on the two long screws.

testing on back of monitor

Testing the mounting plate on the back of my 20-inch Lacie monitor

monitor on wall

The monitor hanging on the wall with a 6mm gap between the wall and the back of the monitor.