DIY wall for Chromakey green screen recording.

After spending a lot of time trying to get good quality green screen footage for e-learning projects using cloth backgrounds, we decided to build a dedicated wall at the studio unit for green screen recording.

2 trips to the diy store got all the materials including:

  • 20 2.4m battens
  • 5 sheets of 9mm plasterboard (8x4) size
  • A door which was on special offer
  • Lots of screws
  • Lining wallpaper and paste
  • White paint for a base coat
  • Can of Rosco Chroma Key paint

The available space was approx 4.5m high by 4.45m wide.

We built a wooden frame 3m high which was secured to both side walls and the floor using the battens and made a door frame to allow access to the front of the unit.

wooden frame

The frame was then covered with sheets of plasterboard which were screwed into place.


plasterboard door frame

The screw holes where filled and smoothed using filler.

Plasterboard installed

The lining paper was then fitted to give a smoother surface (apart from a few small bubbles)

lining paper

This was painted using the Rosco Chromakey paint.

Rosco Chromakey paint

The finished wall with the plain photographic backgrounds fitted on rollers at the top.

photographic backgrounds fitted

Recording the first test footage for a new e-learning project.

Recording the first test footage