X1 - Fitting the standard Xbox games console into a commercial CD player case.

The donor Xbox

donor Xbox

The CD Player case with all the insides removed.

CD Player case

The Xbox DVD drive with the casing removed to fit in the new case.   dvd drive  

 USB sockets fitted to the front panel.

USB sockets fitted

Remote power on board, this allows the console to be switched via the Xbox remote.

Remote power on board

Xbox infra-red receiver fitted to the front panel

Xbox infra red receiver

The motherboard and PSU are fitted with an extended power cable.

The motherboard and PSU fitted

DVD Drive fitted.

DVD Drive

Hard Drive is fitted above the DVD drive and front panel boards are connected.

 Hard Drive fitted

The finished Xbox

finished Xbox

Front panel showing LCD panel working

Front panel showing LCD panel

The basic LCD panel was not bright enough to read in the room so we fitted a backlit model from RS Components.

Front view

We found that the solid back did not allow enough ventilation so we fitted a mesh back to the case.

mesh back