I found a pair of new and unused half-leather TDCI/ PUMA Defender heated seats on eBay which I thought would be ideal for the cold winter driving in my Defender.

As I have a 1999 Defender it doesn't have any of the wiring to connect to the new heated seats so after installing the seats I ran new power cables from the Raptor Dash Console to the battery box and then installed a pair of 12v relays where are protected via a 15amp fuse. On the Raptor Dash Console, I had to mill two more spaces for the On-Off Carling Technologies Switches and then add new wires from an ignition controlled live to the new switches. The switches operate the new relays which in turn are connected to the heated seats via RC Traxxas TRX High-Current Connectors.

The seats installed are a lot lower than the Cobra recliners which I had previously installed.

Seats fitted

The relays and fuse were fitted in the back of the battery box and connected via a 30amp cable to the battery and the two switch control wires connected to the relay coils.

Relays installed

The original seats had this connector fitted and I was unable to find a suitable connector to use with this so I replaced them with a pair of Traxxas TRX High Current connectors which I had previously purchased for use on my RC motorbikes.

Land Rover heated seat connector

The photo below shows the Traxxas TRX High-Current Connector male connector fitted to the seat wiring.

Traxxas TRX High-Current Connector

I checked the current draw for each seat and found it to be approx 3.5 amps so the 15 amp fuse on the relays will be ok. The standard wiring in the new Land Rover Defenders uses a 20amp fuse for this circuit. The wiring diagram below shows the setup for each seat.

Heated seats wiring diagram