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Solar Hot Water Install Dual Coil Cylinder

Solar Hot Water Install Dual Coil Cylinder

Next stage of the solar hot water install, fitting a new dual coil hot water cylinder.

The new cylinder was 150mm taller and 70mm wider than the old hot water cylinder which was installed before which required all the existing pipes to be moved to fit with the new dual coil setup.

The image below shows the left side of the cylinder with the older central heating pipes and valve below and the new plumbing added for the new solar coil and all new pipes for the central heating coil as these where on the opposite side to the old water cylinder.

new pipes fitted

The pipes fitted and initial insulation installed. The wire across the left side of the cylinder is for the solar controller.

pipes fitted and initial insulation installed

The solar return sensor for the new Arduino board was installed with a cable tie and some heat transfer paste to the solar return pipe at the base.

solar return sensor

Complete install with shelves moved and fitted back around the new cylinder.

Complete install

Once all the new sensors where installed and the wires connected, the sensors were checked on the Arduino board and the readings from the diy sensors closely matched the readings from the solar controller sensors.

wires connected

Next stage will be to make the PV and mains electric monitoring boards and a sensor to log when the solar water pump is running.



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