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Pick and Place Software Version 2-2 Update

Published on Monday 06 November 2017
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DIY Pick and Place Software 2.2

Another software update to the Pick and Place Controller Software for the DIY pick and place machine. Since the UI redesign earlier this year I have now changed the vision system to use AForge.NET to read from the USB webcams and display on the screen and a number of small bug fixes and speed improvements.

There are also new changes to the components systems which now have a speed option for each part so I can select a slower speed for larger chips or smaller components which have had placement issues in the past.

The video below shows the build process for an IO Pi Plus board for the Raspberry Pi.

You can click on the images below to view the full size screen shots.

Build PCB Screen with Parts List and camera view

Build PCB Screen with Parts List

Manual Control

Manual Control

PCB Designer

PCB Designer

Components List Editor

Components List Editor

The software for this project can be found on my GitHub repository.



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