DIY Pick and Place

Manual Pick and Place V2

Making a new version two manual Pick and Place machine to place components on custom PCBs

DIY Pick and Place Machine

After finishing the automatic pick and place project we soon found that we needed to be able to place components manually when working on prototype and very short production runs of pcb boards.

As the space in the loft workshop is very limited we decided to modify the old manual pick and place machine and make a new compact version which can be stored under the bench and put on the top when needed.

For the frame we used 40mm x 20mm aluminium extrusion and made a frame which is 40cm deep x 45cm wide.

The previous bearings were shortened to work with the smaller frame size and the original control box with the air supply control and head control with two buttons which give 90 degrees motion left an right where modified to work on the new picker.

The buttons for the controller where fitted in a new milled front panel and the wires routed into the frame to the control box.

The unit is powered via our 12V DC solar backup system.



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