HTC Desire Dock / Wooden Stand

After buying an HTC Desire smartphone, I tried to find a suitable dock or stand for holding the phone while syncing and charging the phone. I ordered one from eBay over 3 weeks ago but the seller has let me down and hasn't sent it.

After looking for a suitable material to make a Desire dock from, we found a piece of Rosewood in the workshop 100mm x 100mm x 40mm high.

I purchased a 1m long micro USB lead with a right angle plug from eBay for £3.00

The new custom wooden dock was designed in Illustrator and then the cut paths were generated and fed to Mach 3 on the CNC mill.

Video at end of the post.

The top surface of the wood was machined flat before milling using a surfacing tool.

before cutting

Then the shapes were cut using a 5mm end mill.

cutting dock

Testing the phone in the dock before trimming the wood.

testing phone in dock

The dock after removing from the main block. This was then turned over and was trimmed in height and angled using a surfacing tool.

removing from the main block

The base of the dock was cut to take the right-angle micro USB lead and cable exit in the middle of the back of the dock.

dock base

The dock was then polished with Tru-Oil and then buffed to give a smooth finish, the USB lead was then fitted and some rubber feed was added to the base so it doesn't move on the shelf.

finished dock

The completed HTC Desire dock with the phone fitted.

finished dock with phone