Hope One LED Light GoPro mount

With the dark winter evenings drawing in we are starting to use the bikes more at night than in the daytime due to work commitments to try to keep fit.

We purchased a set of Hope One LED lights earlier this year and they come with an easy to use quick release mount but I found a problem when using the light on my cyclocross bike when my Garmin Edge 810 is fitted as the Hope led mount isn’t high enough to clear the Garmin and so a lot of the light is blocked with the Garmin being in the way. It isn’t possible to fit the light under the handlebar as the cables get in the way when turning so I needed to find a way to mount the light so it wouldn’t be blocked by the other accessories on the narrow handlebars.

I use a K-Edge out in-front mount for the Garmin and I made an adapter to use my Go Pro Hero cameras under the mount as this seemed to be the ideal location for the Hope One LED light to go.

The Hope One is held to the quick-release mount with a single M5 bolt and the mounting area on the light is flat which made it much easier to make a bracket to fit into the GoPro mount and then bolt onto the light unit.

We designed the new mount in Adobe Illustrator (pdf download below) and after printing and cutting out different designs we found a mount which holds the light approx. 35mm in front of the GoPro mount would give enough clearance for the brake and gear cables on the handlebars.

The mounting bracket for the GoPro cameras uses 3mm wide “fins” with a 5mm centre mounting hole.

The new bracket was milled from an offcut of 10mm aluminium with the GoPro bracket end being milled down to 9mm on one side. A 5mm hole was drilled to accept the GoPro securing bolt and then the outline was milled using a 4mm cutter.

The mount was then fitted in the mill vice and a 5mm hole was drilled for the light bolt, this was countersunk using an 8.5mm end mill to 3.5mm to recess the mounting bolt. The slot for the GoPro mount was then milled using a 3mm end mill to a depth of 16mm.

We then test-fitted the new bracket to the GoPro mount and found that the fit was slightly too tight and so we use 1000 grit wet/dry paper to make the centre slot slightly wider by approx. 0.1mm.

I replaced the standard GoPro clamping bolt with a clamping handle from WDS Component Parts Ltd, part no: Clamping Handle Indexing with Stainless Steel Screw - Black Grey (8325-22225) and added a 10mm spacer to allow the clamping handle to clear the GoPro waterproof case. The new clamping handle has a quick turn handle which allows you to tighten the bolt and then pull the handle back slightly which releases the indexing, this lets you rotate the handle separately so it is facing back away from the front of the camera or light.

It also makes it much easier to securely clamp the GoPro camera or light when using gloves or with cold hands!

Download the PDF plan for this mount.