The clutch pedal on my Defender is very heavy and causes a lot of pain with my knee problems. After seeing several recommendations for a clutch servo kit online, I ordered a Redbooster kit from which is based in Sir Lanka.

The owner of the business called me personally after I placed the order and offered to assist in any way with the fitting but the provided instructions are very good and we got the new clutch servo kit fitted in a few hours. The actual fitting of the kit was very straightforward, just had a few problems bleeding the clutch which was solved by using a power bleeding kit.

After fitting, the clutch pedal is very light and I had to add an additional return spring to the pedal so it offers some resistance to your foot.

Installing the kit

The kit came in a well-padded box with very comprehensive instructions with photos. There are also photos on the company's website which you can download and print.

The photos below show the different stages of installing the clutch servo kit.

The brackets and plumbing in the kit

The brackets and plumbing

The redbooster clutch servo with mounting bracket fitted.

redbooster clutch servo

The Vacuum reservoir and hoses mount under the wing.

Vacuum reservoir

Old clutch system in place.

Old clutch system

The old clutch master cylinder was removed and the top cover on the clutch pedal box.

Old clutch master

Top view of the new mounting bracket fitted with linkages to the pedal box

new mounting bracket

The new mounting bracket fitted looking towards the bulkhead

new mounting bracket fitted

Clutch servo fitted, ready for hoses

Clutch servo fitted

Vacuum reservoir fitted below the wing, photo taken through the top plastic vent

Vacuum reservoir fitted

Vacuum hoses are connected and ready to add clutch fluid and bleed the system

Vacuum hoses connected

Bleeding the clutch system

After the new clutch servo was fitted and the new hydraulic pipes all connected, we filled the clutch master cylinder with Dot 4 fluid and tried to bleed the system by pushing the pedal and opening and closing the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder. This didn't work so we used a power bleeding kit which is supposed to be used on a spare tyre to provide pressure. As we have an airbrush kit which runs from a diving bottle, we used this as it allows very good control over airflow and the pressure is regulated at 20 psi to force the brake/clutch fluid through the new pipes and cylinders.

Diving bottle and pressure bleeding kit setup

Diving bottle and pressure bleeding kit

The diving bottle and regulator which was set at 20psi to push the fluid into the system

push the fluid into the system

Bleeding the clutch complete

Bleeding the clutch