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DIY Pick and Place V2 Vibratory Chip Feeder

Building a vibratory chip feeder for our DIY Pick and Place V2 project

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

The new diy pick and place machine needed a way to feed SOIC, TSOP and other tube supplied chips to be picked and placed using the machine.

After looking at a lot of commercial and diy solutions we decided to build a fixed base with removable chip inserts to hold up to six tubes/chips and be easy to change component tubes with a simple clamping system.

The base of the vibratory feeder was milled from a section of 11mm thick delrin and the chip holders milled from 4mm aluminium plate which fit into the base.

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

Each of the aluminium plates are machined so the chips will always have their centre point at the same Y location on the main axis. We have machined four plates so far for SOIC 8, 14, 16 and 28 chips, we intend to make more for other chip sizes including TSOP packages.

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

The feeder system was made to fit under the main picker gantry arm and have clearance for the largest picker nozzles we have which are 20mm diameter.

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

The sides of the feeder which support the tubes of components made from 0.5mm thick carbon fibre and this has the vibration motor fitted to one side. The back support is 8mm brass rod and will have additional spaces to support all six the component tubes.

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

The lower block has a 6mm thick plate with bolts which hold each tube in position.

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

The vibration motor was sourced from a Microsoft Xbox game controller and runs at 3 volts. We will be making a simple PWM control circuit with a timer which can be triggered from the PC and Smooth Stepper board to feed the chips as required.

pick and place vibratory chip feeder

The video below shows a short test using SOIC 8 and SOIC 28 chips in the feeder tubes.




16 August 2019 at 10:53 am
Very nice!

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