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Axminster SIEG Super X1 Micro Mill Dremel Addition

Making a bracket and mount for a Dremel on our Axminster SIEG Super X1 Micro Mill

Axminster SIEG Super X1 Micro-Mill Dremel Addon

More updates for the Axminster SIEG Super X1 Micro-Mill. In order to drill PCB's and work on some small engraving jobs we found that we needed a much faster spindle speed than the standard motor will allow. We purchased a Dremel 300 series drill kit which has a rotation speed up to 30,000 rpm.

A new mount was built from a piece of 10mm aluminium which was machined and fitted to the side of the mill using M8 bolts. A plate with 60 deg dovetails was then bolted to this and a block of aluminium was machined to slide onto the dovetail on the mill side and a mount was made to fit the Dremel into to allow CNC milling and engraving.

The compelted bracket and mount.

Dremel on the mill

Detail shot showing dovetail mount and quick release side bolt.

Dremel bracket

First test cut using a offcut of 18mm foamex signmakers board which is a very solf material to cut.

Dremel test cut



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