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YouTube demonetisation email arrived

Published on Wednesday 21 February 2018
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After a few weeks of reading about all the YouTube channels losing their ability to display adverts and receive a small income from their videos the email from YouTube has finally arrived for my YouTube channel to tell me that I can no longer access the monetisation options.

I haven’t had paying adverts on my videos for several years and so the loss isn’t going to cause any issues apart from no longer being able to link to the blog posts for related videos.

Below is the email I received from YouTube today:

Hi Brian Dorey,

As you've probably heard, we have recently announced updates to the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP). We have made these changes to address a spike in abuse on YouTube by bad actors like spammers, impersonators and re-uploaders. Our goal is to ensure a healthy ecosystem where original creators can grow and thrive.

As of today, your channel, Brian Dorey will no longer have access to monetisation tools associated with YPP because it doesn't meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

We understand that you may have lots of questions right now, so we've put together some FAQs that can help.



Hear directly from the Creator Academy what the answers are to your most asked questions on the YPP changes.

If you have more questions, join us on the YouTube Help Forum or take a look at the Help Centre FAQs. We'll keep listening!

The YouTube Team

Youtube StatsI started my YouTube channel in 2009 and it currently has 826 subscribers and had 493,428 views. In the past year there have been 84,421 minutes of videos watched which is well below the 240,000 minutes required to meet the new monetisation starting point.

This stats image from YouTube shows the total views for the most popular uploads being a video for bike lights, a soldering robot and Apple iMac hard drive upgrade

Even if my YouTube channel reaches the number of subscribers and hours viewed each year to be eligible for  monetisation again, I have no plans to add adverts to my videos as a user of adblock extensions on my browsers and a user of the Pi-Hole software on my home network to block adverts from all devices, I don’t want to force more adverts onto the viewers of my videos.



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