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Virtual Swanage Tourism Website and Coronavirus Covid-19

Published on Tuesday 21 April 2020
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Website Stats

It has now been twenty four years since we started our local tourism website Virtual Swanage www.virtual-swanage.co.uk .

At the start of the year we had over 800 local events in the website for 2020 and over 15 local festivals listed for the year.

In early March, several event organisers asked us to remove their events due to the developing Covid-19 pandemic which was affecting most of the world and was increasing in the United Kingdom.

We added the following banner on the events section at the start of March to alert people that events may not be going ahead as planned:

Due to the Coronavirus which is affecting most of the world many events are being cancelled or postponed. Please check with event organisers before attending any of the events listed on Virtual Swanage.”

We also added a new folder and page with the latest information and updates for Coronavirus Covid-19 and linked it into every page with a very prominent banner as shown below.

Website Home Page

When the UK government announced the three-week lockdown on the 23 rd March, we deleted all events listed for the following three weeks from the website. After checking with the National Trust, Harman’s Cross Village Hall and Durlston Country Park, we found that they had cancelled all events for the year and so we deleted these as well. This left only 50 events from other local organisations and event organisers. A number of local festivals also cancelled their events and we also removed these.

The number of visitors to the Virtual Swanage website has remained steady so far this year with around 1000 visitors to the website every day and increasing in March and April.

Visits to pages and sections of the website changed in March and April with more visitors viewing the new Coronavirus information page. The website home page and web cam page are still the most popular pages viewed.

The lists below show the top 10 directories viewed for the first four months of 2020 to the 20th April.


Directory Page Views
Home Page 4,936
/accommodation/ 3,416
/whats-on/ 2,281
/gallery/ 1,804
/directory/ 660
/things-to-do/sports-and-activities/cycling/ 602
/things-to-do/local-attractions/old-harry-rocks/ 501
/accommodation/self-catering/ 424
/things-to-do/ 403
/things-to-do/local-attractions/ 396


Directory Page Views
Home Page 5,957
/gallery/ 3,897
/accommodation/ 3,073
/whats-on/ 2,681
/directory/ 999
/things-to-do/ 584
/things-to-do/education-resources/erosion-in-ocean-bay/ 556
/gallery/pan/ 487
/things-to-do/sports-and-activities/cycling/ 462
/advertisewithus/ 438


Directory Page Views
Home Page 8,018
/gallery/ 4,505
/whats-on/ 2,197
/accommodation/ 2,138
/coronavirus-covid19/ 681
/things-to-do/local-attractions/old-harry-rocks/ 600
/things-to-do/ 568
/gallery/pan/ 427
/directory/ 423
/things-to-do/sports-and-activities/cycling/ 385

April (to 20th)

Directory Page Views
Home Page 11,121
/gallery/ 5,058
/coronavirus-covid19/ 1,205
/whats-on/ 1,107
/accommodation/ 980
/gallery/pan/ 266
/things-to-do/local-attractions/old-harry-rocks/ 250
/events/ 245
/things-to-do/sports-and-activities/cycling/ 218
/things-to-do/ 199

Visitors Chart

The website visitors chart below shows the gradual increase during the first two months of the year and then a flattening of the visitor numbers as the virus spread worldwide.

Website Visitors

Website Traffic Chart

The website page views chart below shows a similar drop after mid-March with peaks on holiday weekends with people trying to find local activities despite the Government lockdowns.

Website Traffic

Ongoing Updates

At the moment on the 21st April, the initial three-week lockdown in the United Kingdom has been extended for an additional three weeks which takes us into the middle of May before it will be reviewed again and possibly extended further.

Many of our accommodation advertisers have told us that they have many of their summer holiday bookings being cancelled and refunded and until the lockdown restrictions are lifted, it doesn’t appear that the town will be receiving many visitors this season.



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