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Using the Metaweblog API on Blogenginenet with Flickr

Published on Saturday 16 July 2011
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The BlogEngine.NET blog system has a very useful Metaweblog API which allows authorised websites to post blog entries to your blog. On previous versions of this blog I had used this to post photos from Flickr to the blog but didnt add it when setting up my new personal Flickr account earlier this year.

After upgrading the blog to the new 2.5 release, I tried to find the older Metaweblog API blog option on the Flickr site (under sharing http://www.flickr.com/account/?tab=extend )but this option is no longer available on the new  Flickr sharing page and has been moved to the Wordpress  link under “More sites”.

[more]Clicking on the More Sites link gives additional options and the Wordpress link will open the following screen:

Connect  your WordPress blog

In the API Endpoint box enter the link to your metaweblog.axd file, i.e http://www.yourdomain.com/folderpathtoblogrootifneeded/metaweblog.axd

Enter your username and password and click the NEXT button and confirm your settings.

Once the new blog has been added, it will show in the sharing list as below:

You will now have an additional sharing option for each of your images which allows you to easily post your images and photo details to your own blog



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