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Trip to Sturminster Mill in Dorset

Published on Friday 28 October 2016
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Since picking up the new Ford Focus last week I can now drive again thanks to its Powershift six speed transmission and this afternoon after a couple of meetings with customers, I went for a drive up to Sturminster Mill which is on the outskirts of Sturminster Newton in Dorset with my brother Andrew and the cameras to take a few photos.

The sky was very overcast but on the plus side it must have put everyone else off visiting as the mill was deserted when we got there at 4pm this afternoon.

Below are a few photos taken today. Larger versions can be viewed on my flickr gallery at https://www.flickr.com/photos/brian-dorey/

sturminster mill and bridge pano

no boating

sluce gate controls

Sturminster Mill and bridge over the river

We plan to visit the mill again when the weather is better and take some more photos.



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