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Surface Mount Components Dispenser

Published on Friday 21 September 2012
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While building the new ADC Pi circuit boards we found dealing with the surface mount resistors and capacitors to be time consuming when taking them from plastic trays as many of the components would be upside down and in different directions making the placing of them take longer than necessary.  

To solve this problem we have ordered a vacuum pickup tool and also built a SMD component dispenser which holds up to eight rolls of components and makes them accessible across a flat work area to aid the pick and place of each one.

Cutting metal

The main block was machined from a block of 10mm thick aluminium with 8.1mm wide slots added with 3mm deeper slots machined in-between these. There is a 10mm wide flat plate at each end to stop the SMD component strips coming out of the rails

Milled base plate

Side plates were machined from some spare 8mm thick clear Perspex sheet. A round guide was added to feed the strips into the slots and a 10mm aluminium rod was used to hold the rolls of SMD components.

Side plates fitted

The finished rack shown below was tested with surface mount resistors, capacitors and mosfets.

Finished SMD dispenser



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