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Strava Segment to Garmin GPX Course

Published on Thursday 01 November 2018
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When out cycling either on my cyclocross bike or mountain bike, I use Strava to record my rides and routes. One useful feature on the Strava website is the heatmap https://www.strava.com/heatmap#11.43/-2.13253/50.66380/hot/ride which shows the most popular routes around the world based on users data. I often use this when looking for new places to walk or ride but I couldn’t find an easy way to use this data on my bikes Garmin Edge 810 computer or other GPS devices without creating the route from scratch.

Tonight I found that the Strava Segments on routes are viewable on https://www.strava.com/segments/explore and you can use this to find different segments in your area. The Strava website doesn’t have any direct way to export a segment to be used on your own GPS device but I have found the following steps which allow you to export segments to use on a Garmin GPS as a Garmin Course which can be followed when out on your bike.

Step 1: Select segment on https://www.strava.com/segments/explore

Select segment

Step 2: Click View Details on selected segment: i.e https://www.strava.com/segments/2408503

View Details

Step 3: Take the number from the end of the URL and using https://www.p729.com/ enter the segment number and click the Get the GPX button to convert into a GPX file.

p729 website

p729 save

Step 4:Download the GPX file to your computer.

Download the GPX file

Step 5: Go to Garmin Connect and select Training > Courses https://connect.garmin.com/modern/courses

Step 6: On the list for “Created by you” click the “import” link on the bottom of the dialogue.


Step 7: Select your GPX file and click “Get Started” and the file will upload

Select your GPX file

Step 8: On the “Select a Course Type” dialogue select the type i.e Mountain Biking and click “Continue”

Select a Course Type

Step 9: You can edit the course name by clicking the pen icon next to “Untitled”

Step 10: click “Save new Course” to save and create your new course.

Save new Course

Step 11: Click “Send to Device” to send to your bike computer.

Send to Device

Step 12: Select your device and click "Send Now"

Send Now

Your new course will be copied to your GPS the next time you sync using Garmin Express.



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