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Oculus Three Sensor upgrade and complete redecoration

Published on Sunday 16 April 2017
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Oculus Three Sensor install

With better software support for more than two Oculus sensors being released a couple of months ago, I decided it was time to buy a third sensor so I can use the rift in a larger play area and have full 360 tracking.

To make the best use of the full motion tracking I needed to rearrange my bedroom/office to make more room to use the Oculus Rift.

The room measures 2.9m x 3.4m and with the desks, storage cupboards, bed and other furniture the space left was only 1.6m x 1.4m which was very restricted when using the rift and when using my bike on the Wahoo Kickr indoor trainer in the winter.

I decided it was time to remove all the built-in desks and cupboards and redecorate with new wallpaper, built in storage and a new computer desk with a view out of the window rather than the corner I had been working in for over 20 years !

The photo below shows the clutter in the room and the the middle wall of the house with a full length desk and cupboards with the computer in the right side of  the room. On the left side next to the window was a full height cupboard which enclosed the gas meter and was used to store bike clothing and tools.

Before the decorating started.

I made a scale version of the room and the furniture in Adobe Illustrator and after playing with different layouts, I came up with a solution which would make the best use of the space either side of the old fireplace and give me a much larger floor area between the bed and new smaller computer desk and use the corner which used to house the old desk as a full height storage cupboard and a new bookcase next to the door to store the camera bags, bike helmets, clothing etc.

After removing the TV stand and media shelves, we found a lot of previous holes from wall plugs and screws which had to be filled before we could fit the new wallpaper.

Lots of holes in the wall!

Lots of holes from wall plugs

First half of the room wallpapered ready to be painted.

Wallpaper on the first three walls

The gas meter needed to be protected so we made a small wooden cupboard to go around it and to hide the end of the 4 network connections which had previously gone to the TV, PS4, Xbox etc.

Hiding the gas meter

When removing the wallpaper, we came across a section of the original (1904) lime plaster which was loose, after tapping it gently, a large section came off the wall! This put us several days behind for wallpapering and painting the second half of the room as the hole had to be repaired with several thin layers of new plaster.

Missing Plaster ready to be repaired.

Missing plaster problems!

The old computer desk corner and network to the shed, living room and upstairs gigabit connections.

Old network install

The new plaster on the wall and slowly drying.

New plaster on the wall

New computer desk being built from a sheet of MDF.

Fitting the new computer desk

The new computer desk painted and printer shelf.

Computer desk painted

The wallpaper up on the remaining walls ready for painting and the network cables installed.

More wallpaper fitted

The new network patch bay from Amazon connected and the router and network switch fitted.

Network install

Full height storage cupboard frame and doors fitted.

Floor to ceiling storage

The new open area in the middle of the room is now a “L” shape measuring 1.6m x 2.6m and 2.5m x 1.4m so there is a lot more room to use the Rift and I will be able to keep the bike setup on the trainer when not being used in the winter.

The PS4 and Amazon prime box are now in the corner full height cupboard with the TV being fitted to the wall above a new radiator. I hope the rising heat will not cause any problems with the TV in the future.

The finshed room.

Room panoramic

The Oculus sensors have been placed in each corner on one wall and the middle of the opposite wall to give full coverage of the open play area.

I used the existing wooden rails around the top of the room to hide the cables as much as possible.

Oculus Three Sensor install

Oculus Three Sensor install

Oculus Three Sensor install

I thought the decorating would take a couple of weeks but overall it took nearly 5 weeks to finish!



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