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No more Facebook

Published on Saturday 16 March 2019
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Facebook Fail

For many years I have had a Facebook account to use with my business pages and also using their API’s for some of my own websites and also clients websites to use the Facebook Login system and also other services that Facebook provided.

Over the past two years I have found that the number of people who “like” my business pages that actually are shown the items I post are very low often with less than 5% of the people who are following the pages being shown the new posts or content.

Over the past few months I have migrated clients websites who use Facebook API’s to use their own accounts rather than all the API services being on my own account and the only one I had left was my own ecommerce website AB Electronics UK which was using the Facebook Login API to enable customers to quickly register to place their order using their Facebook account to sign in.

The only information we actually used from Facebook was their name, email address and the ID provided with the data and we requested their address and contact telephone number on our own shop.

In February I received a notification from Facebook that our Facebook App was being reviewed and we needed to supply additional information and screen casts or videos showing how we used the various user permissions they provide.

One of the support pages mentioned a 90 million user account hack in 2018 which was related to the use of their API’s. which seems to be the reason for the review of the app which had been working for several years without any problems.

Out of all the many user data fields which Facebook provide we only used the “Default Public Profile Fields” which are:

  • id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • middle_name
  • name
  • name_format
  • picture
  • short_name

We also requested the email address and both according to Facebook do not require App Review.

When I tried to complete the review process, Facebook asked me to confirm how we use several additional permissions which we did not use and never had used including:

  • user_age_range
  • user_birthday
  • user_gender
  • user_link
  • user_friends

As we do not use these I stated in the review boxes that we do not use or need these permissions but despite this after 2 weeks Facebook responded that they are shutting down our Facebook Login App as we do not meet their requirements for these additional information fields and we are not able to edit the permissions used or seem to be able to setup a new app again.

Now that Facebook have terminated our Facebook Login app we have been forced to remove it from our AB Electronics UK shop and our customers can now either register with us directly as before or use the Sign in with Google option we use.

As I can no longer use Facebook for my ecommerce website login and the response from the business pages which is extremely low compared to other social networks such as Twitter, we have decided to remove the business pages and concentrate on promoting the business websites and content on other platforms.

Also in view of Facebook making the mobile phone number searchable which I used for 2FA login and having no way to disable this if I want to use a two factor authentication login, I have also decided to close my Facebook account as I want to keep my private mobile phone private for friends and family only.

I will continue to post videos on my Youtube channel, post on Twitter and keep adding new blog posts in the future.

Header Image Credit to Shop Catalog (CC BY 2.0)



Neil T

28 March 2019 at 10:43 pm

guess this means I will have to pop round some times and have a catch up.


18 June 2019 at 8:29 am

Ridiculous that they ask for such information, thank you for outlining what they put you through!

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