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New Look Blog

Published on Thursday 24 December 2015
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New Look Blog

I have now launched a new version of the blog which has a new design and a completely new back end management system which we have designed and written ourselves.

Andrew has helped me with the front end design, graphics and CSS for the new blog and the back end admin is based on a custom version of our Atlas content management system which we use on all of our larger ecommerce and business websites.

For several years I had been using the BlogEngine.NET blogging platform which runs on a Windows server and uses a Microsoft SQL database for the blogs content.

The BlogEngine.NET platform worked very well but would sometimes hang on the server and use very high CPU usage which slowed down all the other sites hosted on the server until the IIS application was restarted. Earlier this month I upgraded to the latest release of BlogEngine.NET but this still had the same high CPU issues and also a lot of the other customised parts of my blog failed on the upgrade including the comments on the posts which would no longer display.

After spending a few days trying to resolve the latest problems I decided to write my own blogging system to replace the BlogEngine.NET one and still keep the same link structure so any incoming links from other websites would still work the same as before.

It took around 6 hours to write the new blog back end and make a new customised admin system for the site and I uploaded the new blog yesterday.

Please post any feedback or bug reports using the comments system below.

Update: 6th Jan 2016, it appears that a few of the old blog post links are not working with the new system and I am adding redirects in to the blog as I find the broken links. It seems to be mostly old posts which had been moved or renamed on the old blog and this was causing the new blog to not find the correct posts as the new version uses the post titles as the links.



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