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My videos on YouTube and now LBRY.tv

Published on Monday 13 January 2020
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YouTube to LBRY.tv

Earlier this month I watched a video by Dave Jones EEVBlog regarding cryptocurrency youtube.com/watch?v=wzxdVsp5QSw and found the new LBRY video hosted system very interesting and I decided to have a mirror of my YouTube channel hosted on the lbry.tv website.

I have played with cryptocurrency in the past with Bitcoin when it first appeared and mined several coins which I lost after reinstalling my computer and I didn’t back them up!

Signing up for a new account on lbry.tv/ was very easy and they have a LBRY YouTube program lbry.com/faq/youtube which allows you to synchronise your YouTube channel with lbry.tv using lbry.com/youtube

If you are planning to mirror your YouTube channel to lbry.tv you do not need to create an empty channel before importing your YouTube videos as it will create the new channel for you.

The YouTube import process took a few days and once the videos had been imported and processed they became viewable on open.lbry.com/@BrianDorey:a

New videos which are added to my YouTube channel are automatically imported to my LBRY channel and this seems to process in a few hours.

My LBRY.tv chanel

LBRY also have desktop and mobile applications for viewing and uploading content lbry.com/windows but my firewall must be blocking a required port as I wasn’t able to get the Windows application to run on my computer and so I cant comment on how easy or hard the application is to use.

When you add videos, watch videos or perform other actions on the lbry.tv website they reward you with LBRY Credits which are a form of cryptocurrency and these can be exchanged or converted to other currencies. You can view the current exchange rate for 1 LBRY Credit to US Dollar (USD).

There is a growing user base of LBRY users on Reddit www.reddit.com/r/lbry/ and the platform seems to be growing with a lot of very different channels and videos added.

You can view my LBRY channel at https://open.lbry.com/@BrianDorey:a

If you would like to join LBRY, you can use my referral code which will give me 20 LBC for up to 10 referrals to the website using this link or if you would like to send me some LBC credits you can send them to bE6jmZD4qMXmMUMAWE58EfjJtH8ztnVjUi or use the QR code below.

QR Code



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