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Mk2 DIY Solar Panels Part Three

Published on Tuesday 19 May 2009
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Using 35mm square aluminum bar, we machined a slot into the bar and cut it into 30mm wide brackets which where drilled and tapped to take M5 bolts. Four of these brackets will be bolted to the panel base boards and this will allow the easy fitting and removal of the panels to the 25mm square tube which will be fitted across the roof.

The flat aluminum brackets to bolt to the chimneys on both sides of the roof are also finished and have been painted. They will be fixed to the chimneys when the weather permits.

The photo below shows the aluminum mounting brackets after machining.

single solar cell

The wooden panels have now had 2 coats of exterior gloss paint on both sides and the base will have one final coat of paint before the brackets are fitted.

The photo below shows the finished boards being painted. (poor quality as it was taken with my phone)

single solar cell



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