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Mk2 DIY Solar Panels Part One

Published on Saturday 09 May 2009
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After purchasing further solar cells from the USA via ebay, We are building four new weather proof outdoor solar panels which should supply around 320w which should be enough energy to run the household lighting circuit and all the low power appliances in the house including the computer networks, router and phone and small appliance chargers using.

The panel built last year using foamx plastic for the backing has twisted over the winter and didn't respond well to sunlight over the year so the new panels will be built from 12mm marine ply wood with 2mm glass fronts and with 20mm aluminum corner edging. The new panels will be fixed to two 4.8m long aluminum bars which will be fixed between each side of the roof on the chimneys.

Started work today building the wooden backing boxes for the panels which are 575mm x 1020mm x 16mm. Along the edge of the 12mm ply wood, we attached strips of 4mm thick pine to hold the glass above the panels and across the main panel area attached strips of 2mm wide by 4mm high wood to act as spacers between the cells and also to support the glass.

The photo below shows the finished board ready to be primed and painted.

single solar cell

The photo below shows the four panels ready to be primed and painted.

single solar cell



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