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Google Search Unusual Traffic Captcha

Published on Tuesday 19 January 2016
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Whilst working on updates to one of our websites I found  strange issue when searching with google for terms related to ASP.Net assembly names and methods and many searches would result in a captcha page appearing as shown below where I had to enter the code to show the search results. This search bug has appeared in the past but stopped after a couple of days but reappeared again yesterday and today.

When searching again for a similar term the captcha screen would appear regardless how many times I entered the supplied code to verify that I was a human!

Google Error Captcha Screen


Searches such as: "asp:SqlDataSource parameter asp:TextBox"(124,000 results) or "sqldatasource selectparameters code behind" would result in the error being shown.
Clicking the “Why did this happen” link opens additional information as shown below:


The Terms of Service link takes you to a generic T&C page and the Learn More link takes you to https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/86640 which says:

"Unusual traffic from your computer network
You might see "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network" if it seems like a computer or phone on your network is sending automated traffic to Google.

What Google considers automated traffic

  • Sending searches from a robot, computer program, automated service, or search scraper
  • Using software that sends searches to Google to see how a website or webpage ranks on Google

What to do when you see this message

The error page most likely shows a CAPTCHA (a squiggly word with a box below it). To continue using Google, type the squiggly word into the box. It's how we know you're a human, not a robot. After you type the CAPTCHA correctly, the message will go away and you can use Google again."

One of the reasons they suggest that causes a user to be blocked is:

"The blocking might be related to your use of a VPN browser plugin or program. You might try uninstalling the VPN from your computer or network and see if that makes a difference."

On our computers we don’t use VPN plugins or programs and this error appears for me when using Edge, Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10 and also on Safari using OSX so it doesn’t seem to be related to VPN’s at all.

Has anyone else found a way around this Google bug as its annoying when researching .Net code to keep having to type in the captcha codes for each search.

When entering the captcha code the Enter key doesn’t work when entering the code and it resets to a new code if you press the Enter key after typing your code!

Search error when searching for "ASP.Net"


As the captcha screen is appearing on both Windows and Mac it isn’t likely to be a virus infection on both operating systems and scans on the Windows machines all come back clear.

Does someone at Google just want to annoy ASP.Net users by making it difficult to search for code?

"Google 2015 logo" by Google (vectorisé par Madeck, originellement par Fugitron) - Google. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.



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