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Google Apps for Business and Analytics Login problems

Published on Friday 12 July 2013
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One of our clients uses Google Apps for Business for his email and he used to have a Google Analytics account using the same email address as his new Google Apps for Business primary login email address.

It seems that if you have an existing Google Analytics account and then setup a Google Apps for Business account you lose all access and data from the previous Google Analytics account and if you try to login Google Analytics you get an error message saying:

“You're currently logged into your organizational account at you@yourwebsites.com.
To access your existing Google Analytics account, please use the login you%yourwebsite.com@gtempaccount.com and the same password.”

The link on the error page to resolve this problem doesn’t work and takes you to a standard Google Page not found error.

After a lot of research I found that a workaround to give access to Google Analytics using the same email address as a Google Apps for Business admin user by completing the following steps:

  1. Logging into the Google Apps for business admin console at http://admin.google.com/
  2. Renaming the primary email/login account of the offending account to something new such as “oldnamebackup”
  3. Log out of the Google Apps for business admin console
  4. Wait 10 minutes
  5. Using another browser with cleared cookies and cache logging directly into Analytics with the new account details and it will prompt you to create a new Google Analytics profile for your website
  6. Log out of Google Analytics
  7. Going back to the original browser, logging back into the Admin console and renaming your account email/login back to the original one.
  8. Log out of the Google Apps for business admin console
  9. Wait 10 minutes
  10. Clear cookies and cache and you should now be able to log into Google Analytics with the original account email account and your password.

All the old Google Analytics account stats were lost by doing this but you don’t have to have 2 separate google accounts to use both Google apps for business and Google Analytics.



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